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Plympton International College offers a comprehensive and exciting music program from R-12.

In our Classroom Music Program, students learn to sing, play, read and compose music using movement, body percussion, voice and percussion instruments developing the basics from Reception progressing through to Year 9.

Students continue to develop their instrumental music skills in a classroom setting through learning the recorder in Year 3 and the ukulele Year4-6.

Year 7-9 learn rock instruments including Keyboard, Guitar, Voice and Percussion. Year level Ensembles (Bands) are made within the class. Music is offered as an elective after year 10 and SACE offers a solo and ensemble.

Choir involves Years 5-7 students. Students perform for various public and school events. Each year the choir prepares 15 pieces for the Festival of Music, a large concert at the Festival theatre or Entertainment Centre in Term 3 with 20+ other schools.

Students have the opportunity to have individual / small group lessons with an instrumental specialist teacher. Instruments include from Year 3 Year 12 Strings (violin, viola and cello), from year 5-12 students can select Guitar (bass, electric, acoustic), Woodwind (flute, clarinet and saxophone) and Brass (trumpet or trombone) and Percussion (drum kit). Private lessons for piano are available after school onsite.