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Transition to School

Transition to School

Transition for New Students

We understand that starting school, or transferring to a new school, can be a stressful time for some students and their families. Simply getting to know how the school works and where to find different facilities (such as the library, canteen or even toilets) can be a challenge.

Our team work hard to make the transition to Plympton International College a pleasant experience. We have developed a Special Transition Program specifically for you. New students and their families are welcomed to the school well before their first official starting day.

Plympton International College has new students starting throughout the school year.  We understand that all new students need one-on-one support in their early days, whether they are from Adelaide or moving to our community from further afield, including relocating from overseas.

Contact the School Office on 8297 0488 for more information.

Reception Children - first year at school

Our reception year teachers receive much joy from working one-on-one with each new child starting school for the first time. This process commences in the Term immediately before your child’s starting date.

Your child’s teacher will meet with them to get to know one another. A simple, friendly and personal introduction.

Three (3) Wednesdays of the term before are set for your child to attend the actual class they will be integrating into when they start school.  This is is a stepped approach to help them gradually meet their teacher and other kids in the class and get a feel for school routines.

They will stay in the class for the Wednesday morning sessions to participate in activities. Parents are welcome to remain in the classroom for the first Wednesday morning session.

On this first Wednesday, parents are also encouraged to have a relaxed morning tea with our staff for some personal one-on-one time to ask us any questions. We know it is equally as important for you to understand school life as it is for your child.

The final two Wednesday morning sessions in class are for your child only. We ask parents not to stay to enable your child to interact independently.

Teacher helping primary student
Two students reading

Transition Program for other year levels

Changing schools can be a difficult time for any student, even those that are not new to schooling. It takes time to make new friends, find their way around our facilities and get used to our school routines. 

Plympton International College uses a buddy system to make the transition a smooth process. Each new student will be paired up with a buddy in their class who is initially responsible for working directly with your child, helping them to make new friends and adapt to life at our college.

Year 7 Transition

New students moving from another Primary School to commence the Middle Years at Plympton International College attend Transition Days at the end of their Year 6 academic year. Your child will spend a day or days (usually in November) following a specifically tailored learning program at Plympton International College.

During this time, they will experience a multitude of classes, exposing them to a number of different curriculum areas to get a feel for how their Year 7 experience will be.

Here is a sample of classes they might attend:

  • Science
  • Home Economics
  • Technical Studies
  • Specialist Physical
  • Education activities
  • Multi-Media Animation
  • Music
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chinese Bilingual through the College Values.


Parents are encouraged to attend an information evening and Question & Answer opportunity session that will occur during this time. This is a terrific way to feel comfortable with all the choices available at Plympton International College and to become more informed.

We recognise it is equally as important for all our parents to understand the Middle Years experience to support your child. The information night helps you to open communication channels with our Teaching, Management and Admin teams and see how we will be guiding your child through Years 7-9.

Contact the School Office on 8297 0488 for more information.

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Ready to enrol your student?

You are welcome to fill in an Expression of Interest Form and your child’s name will be placed on our ‘register for enrolment’ list.