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Happy Year of the Tiger!

Let’s enter the year with the spirit of the tiger, with courage, strength and the spirit of adventure.

Whether you are new to our college at Plympton International or returning it is our pleasure to have your family with us.

We began our year with the news of our 2021 year 12 results. Every student is to be commended on their efforts. Special mention to:

  • Shail Shah Dux; SACE with 95.95 ATAR
  • Samantha Duldualo with 92.2 ATAR
  • Bailey McKenney- Merit for Essential Maths
  • Sebastian Goode- Merit for Essential Maths

Most significantly is that every student reached personal goals which we feel so very proud to have enabled and supported.

Due to our increased enrolments, we welcome a record number of new staff to our college
this year

  • Emily Langton
  • Matt Perkins
  • Brad Cummins
  • Frank Deans-Costi
  • Pana Tomazos
  • Amy Kan
  • Kristopher Campbell
  • Zoe Baker
  • Muye Shen
  • Abby Du
  • Maria D’Antiocchia
  • Patrick Clark
  • Pei Tseng
  • Kate Cutts
  • Rachel Toyer
  • Christopher Timmins
  • Director of Senior School (to be announced)
  • Coordinator of English/ HASS (to be announced)

They join our exceptional staff team who have tirelessly worked over the last 2 weeks with a
blend of online and face to face to ensure high learning continuity.

This year will see the introduction of our inaugural R-12 swimming carnival on the 2nd of
March to be held at Marion Outdoor Pool. This important ritual further ignites our house
culture, and we look forward to your support and attendance on this much anticipated day.

I do hope you can join us on 16th of February for our annual parent information evening.
These sessions will be held online and are a great occasion where you can meet your
child’s teacher, hear important updates from the school and meet one another as well.

There have been many wonderful comments about made by our students starting at our
college, I would love to share some of them with you below.

  • “I like rhyming each day” – Lydia
  • “ I like drawing and being creative” – Christina
  • “ I like learning Chinese everyday” – Eric
  • “ I like all the different subjects including Chinese and the teachers are supportive” – Japji
  • “ I got to make lots of friends easily, the teachers are really nice” – Philip
  • “The best thing has been meeting new people. I like doing technology and the teachers help us with lots of things” – Sofia

Whilst this year has started a little different from that which we may have anticipated we will adapt where necessary and embrace all that awaits us.

I look forward to your continued partnership in your child’s learning in 2022.

Amy Whyte


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