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Connecting BYOD Devices to PIC WiFi network

To connect your BYOD device to PIC wireless network (for Windows devices) download the security certificate from the following link and then follow the instructions below : 

Download the SAEDU Security Certificate : Click Here

To connect Apple devices download the certificate and follow instructions for MacOS : Click Here

1. Once downloaded click save and then open, click install certificate. (You will need to follow this procedure for both certificates).

2. Click local machine, then Next button.


3. Select place all certificates in the following store and click browse and then select trusted root certification authorities, then click the Next button. 

4. Click Finish. Then click OK when you see "The Import was successful".



5. When this window appears, click OK.

6.  Close all browser windows. Re-open browser and test you have a live connection. You may need to restart your computer. Make sure your time and date are set to the correct date and time (Adelaide).