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Student Support & Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is paramount. A number of programs and support services exist to ensure that your child is nurtured in a caring, encouraging environment.

Wellbeing is central to learning and learning contributes to wellbeing. At Plympton International College we are committed to supporting the development and promotion of wellbeing for all our students.

Teachers contribute to the wellbeing of students through the quality of relationship that they build and share with them. Relationships built on respect contribute significantly to student participation and retention which results in students successfully following particular learning and career pathways.

Students and parents/caregivers are encouraged to dicuss any issues that affect student learning with class and Home Group teachers, Year Level Manager Leader.


We understand that starting school, or transferring to a new school, can be a stressful time for some students and their families. Simply getting to know how the school works and where to find different facilities (such as the library, canteen or even toilets) can be a challenge.

Our team work hard to make transition a pleasant experience. So much so, that we've developed this Special Transition Program specifically for you. We put much effort towards introducing students and their families to the school well before their first official starting day.

Plympton International College has new students starting regularly throughout a year so we understand that all new students, whether from locally around Adelaide or moving to our community from further afield (including relocating from overseas countries), need one-on-one support in their early days.

Contact the School Office on 8297 0488 for more information.

Reception Children - first year at school:

Our reception year teachers receive much joy from working one-on-one with each new child starting school for the first time. This process commences in the Term immediately before your child's actual starting date.

Your child's teacher will meet with them to get to know one another. A simple, friendly, personal introduction.

Three (3) Wednesdays of the term before are set for your child to attend the actual class they will be integrating into next term. A stepped approach to help them gradually meet their teacher, other kids in the class and get a feel for school routines.

They will stay in the class only for the Wednesday morning sessions to participate in some activities. Parents are welcome to remain in the classroom for the first Wednesday morning session.

On this first Wednesday, parents are also encouraged to have a relaxed morning tea with our staff for some personal one-on-one time to ask us any questions. We know it is equally as important for you to understand school life as it is for your child.

The final two Wednesday morning sessions in class are for your child only. We ask parents not to stay to enable your child to interact independently.

Transition Program for other year levels:

Changing schools can be a difficult time for any student, even those that are not new to schooling. It takes time to make new friends, plus simply find their way around our facilities and get use to our school routines. Plympton International College uses a buddy system to help out. Our existing children are very use to helping new kids fit in, it's a natural part of life at Plympton International College.

Each new student will be paired up with a Buddy in their class who initially is responsible for working directly with your child.

Year 8 Transition:

New students moving from another Primary School to commence High School years at Plympton International College are encouraged to attend a Transition Day at the end of their Year 7. Your child will spend a day (usually in November) in a Year 7 class at Plympton International College.

During this time, they will attend differing 'Senior Year' classes to get a feel for how their curriculum and choices will change in their Senior Years. Just a sample of classes they might attend include:

  • Science
  • Home Economics
  • Technical Studies
  • Specialist Physical Education activities
  • Multi-Media Animation

Parents are far from forgotten - you are also encouraged to attend an information evening and Question & Answer opportunity session. This is a terrific way for you also to feel comfortable with all the choices available around Plympton International College.

We recognise it is equally as important for all our parents to understand Senior School happenings to support your child.

This information night also helps you to open communication channels with our Teaching, Management and Admin teams. Get to know us. Some personal time of your own to understand how we will be guiding your child through their Senior Education Years.

For more information please contact the School Office on (08) 8297 0488.


The Student Wellbeing Leader is not a therapeutic counsellor, however student and their families and teachers are supported by being connected with community based qualified counsellors. In emergencies the Student Wellbeing Coordinator is qualified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and provides appropriate responses in these situations. Students can book appointments iwth the Student Wellbeing Leader by visiting the College Office or the Wellbeing Leader's Office. The student will be given an appointment slip to show their teacher to leave their class at the booked time.


We have a focus on the use of Restorative Practice as a way of establishing and maintaining positive relationships between all members of the school community. The management of student behaviour is based on Restorative Justice principles, which encourages outcomes that promote responsibilty, reparation and healing for all.


Plympton International College promotes a student leadership model to encourage more authentic and relevant student involvement.

Reception to Year 12 Class representatives and other interested students have been in involved in a variety of leadership training opportunities to assist them develop skills for engaging the school community in new ways. One major initiative has been the formation of a Student Representative Council with students represented from each year level.

Another focus for Plympton International College's Student Voice Prepresentative Council has been to identify areas where actions taken by the students can have a positive impact on our school community. The SRC has three major focus areas:


Wellbeing Ambassadors have created various initiatives to support student wellbeing. In 2019 Plympton International College was chosen as a Spotlight School for thew new VoiceIt Toolkit developed by the Department for Education. Ambassadors use this Toolkit to create projects involving peer mentoring, student talks and resource development.


The SRC members work alongside a project officer from Natural Resource Management to look at ways the College can use more sustainable practices.


Through whole school BBQs and events the SRC members raise money to be used towards College facilities. Students ae involved in planning, advertising, cooking, money collection and the set-up/pack-up for each event.


In years 7-12 every Friday there is an extended home group where home group teachers have the opportunity to support students with their wellbeing and futures through implementing lessons that focus on life skills. Areas covered are:

  • Relationships
  • Study Skills
  • Pathways (job and pathways)
  • Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum
  • Class meetings (student voice)
  • Cyber safety
  • Road safety

The program was named 'Keys for Success' by the students as they believe it is a vital part of their curriculum. Opening up opportunities and giving them skills to be the best they can be.

For more information contact the School Office on (08) 8297 0488.

Wellbeing Resoures

This list in the presentations below are not exhaustive, but the websites and phone numbers we have listed are recommended. Students may also wish to talk to their Home Group Teacher, Student Wellbeing Leader or another Staff member if they have an issue.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

As part of their role on the SRC a selected group of leaders has dedicated time to learn what the best wellbeing resources for students are. These students present wellbeing talks across the College and are available for students to ask questions about the best ways to seek support. Please see the attached presentations for help seeking information developed by the Wellbeing Ambassadors.

Primary Presentation - Click Here Secondary Presentation - Click Here



Friday 19 March 2021 : The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is an important day to mark Australian school communities standing together against bullying and violence.


Phone Helplines :

  • Kids Helpline : 1800 551 800
  • Lifeline : 131 114
  • Youth Beyond Blue : 1300 224 636
  • Youth Helpline : 1300 131 719


Online Counselling and Information :


Help for Parents who are supporting their Child’s Wellbeing :