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BYOD/Information Technology

The College has negotiated special education deals on selected packages through its preferred partner, CompNow. Parents are able to purchase laptops through the parent portal which can be accessed by clicking the link below. Orders can be placed at any time, generally taking 10 working days. Once your order arrives you will be notified so that you can collect it from the college. 

Plympton International College has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for years 5-12.

This means that students in these year levels are expected to bring their own fully charged computer/tablet (device) to school that meets the recommended requirements for BYOD devices. See link below for minimum device specifications. 

Questions about the BYOD, technical specifications of an existing device or compatibility issues can be addressed at the ICT help desk in the resource centre, or forwarded to the ICT department e-mail :  dl.0907.ictadmin@schools.sa.edu.au


Information Technology Policy & User Agreements Form
All students and their parents or guardians are required to read and submit the following online form before being granted access to the College network or computer systems (must be submitted from the caregiver's e-mail account) : 

BYOD Student User Guide
You will find information regarding connecting your devices to the College Wi-Fi, printing, EdPass, SENTRAL and accessing Microsoft Office applications in the BYOD Student User Guide.

How to print from your BYOD device when connected to the college WiFi network

How to log onto EdPass & SENTRAL : Click Here

How to download Microsoft Applications from Office 365 : Click Here

Cyber Safety Information : Parent & Student Information - Click Here

PIC Intranet Page : Click Here

Plympton International College uses SENTRAL as our Learning Management System. This is an on-line system for students and parents and can also be accessed through the SENTRAL Smartphone App which you can download from app store on Windows or Apple devices. SENTRAL enables you to view your child's attendance, teacher messages, medical information, reports, continuous assessment, homework, College bulletin, classes and timetable.

You will receive a letter at the beginning of the year with the instructions of how to register for SENTRAL. If you cannot find the email, please contact the home group teacher or send and email to dl.0907.ictadmin@schools.sa.edu.au 

You need to use a valid email address to create your username for SENTRAL. Once successfully registered you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and the password you created.

As you log into the portal you will be able to switch between: portal versions 1 or 2. If you want to use the SENTRAL app you will have to switch to portal 2 version.

Should you experience difficulties please do not hesitate to contact College for assistance or email your queries to dl.0907.ictadmin@schools.sa.edu.au.  Parents and Students can access the SENTRAL portal by clicking the link below.

For information on how to register to use the SENTRAL Parent Portal watch
the video below :