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International Program

We welcome R-12 international students into our school community. Plympton International College is accredited to deliver quality international student programs to R-12 school students studying abroad in Adelaide. Studying at Plympton International College students will improve their English language skills and have access to the latest science, technology, music and sporting facilities. They will also receive the care and support they need to succeed.

International students who study at Plympton International College are supported by a committed team of staff comprising of an International Program Manager, the Wellbeing Coordinator and highly experienced caring teachers. We endeavour to build strong relationships with students, parents and homestay families to ensure the positive engagement and successful achievement of all international students.

Choose the best international program for you:

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What age group are you?

How long do you want to study for?

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Cultural experience at Plympton International College

5 to 12 years of age

1 to 4 terms 

Primary School Study Abroad Program 

Academic program with the intention of graduating primary school at Plympton International College

5 to 12 years of age

Over 1 year, up to 8 years

Primary School Program 

Cultural experience at Plympton International College

13 to 18 years of age

1 to 4 terms

High School Study Abroad Program

Academic program with the intention of graduating high school at Plympton International College

13 to 18 years of age

Over 1 year, up to 5 years

High School Graduate Program

The Chinese Bilingual Program at Plympton International College

From 2017, Year 3 students have been taught half of the Australian Curriculum in Chinese and half in English. The program has progressively expanded each year to include all students from Years 3-7. The Chinese bilingual program becomes an optional stream for students from Years 8-12, from 2022.

In addition, all Reception to Year 2 students, and students in Year 8, participate in daily lessons of Chinese as part of the program.

The Chinese bilingual program welcomes all students regardless of their background and is designed for children of all ability levels.

Two highly-skilled classroom teachers will work in collaboration to deliver the curriculum in both the English and Chinese languages.

Sister School

Plympton International College currently has sister school relationships with:

Dongfang Bilingual Experimental School (R-9) in Jinan, China

Jiaozhou Experimental Middle School (10-12) in Jiaozhou, China

Through the Sister Schools relationships, we aim to encourage understanding between two countries through the experiences of young people, to specifically encourage the study of languages and promote mutual understanding and intercultural awareness between South Australia and Shandong.

Students may choose to take part in school based visits and study tours to China. 


More Information

South Australian Government Schools can help you enrol to study abroad at our school. For other enquiries about studying abroad please contact the International Education Services office at  education.isp@sa.gov.au or +61 8 8226 3402

For more detailed information (offered in a variety of languages) about studying in Adelaide please click on the following link: www.studyadelaide.com

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