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Mobile Phone Policy

We acknowledge mobile devices are an important communication tool between families and students.

Procedures -

Student use of mobile devices:

  • There is a ‘no mobile phone’ policy during lesson time. All devices must be switched off during lessons and will only be used during lesson time when directed by their teacher for educational purposes. The college does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged student mobile devices. Phones should be kept in lockers and only used during break times
  • It is Department for Education and college policy that all students and their parents/caregivers sign the Acceptable Use Policy for Computer, Internet and Mobile Devices form annually.
  • Students may not use their mobile devices to make contact with their parents/care givers to organise to be collected from college. If unwell or injured students are required to report to their classroom or home group teacher who will then make contact with office personnel. Parents/care givers will be contacted regarding their child/children’s illness or injury and to arrange for the child/children to be collected.