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Chinese Bilingual School - Plympton International College
Centre of Excellence for R-12 Learners
(08) 8297 0488

Open Day : Tuesday 27th March

Chinese Bilingual School

Plympton International College was selected to become the very first Chinese Bilingual School in South Australia in 2017.

Students have the unique opportunity of becoming fluent in the Chinese language, one of the most spoken languages in the world. This means that in addition to their class teacher they will also have a Chinese bilingual teacher who will be teaching 50% of the curriculum in Chinese. This way they won’t be missing out on any other subjects. In preparation for the bilingual program the Reception to Year 2 also have a daily lesson of Chinese.

Being selected as the Chinese Bilingual School gives us the opportunity to become a lighthouse school for Chinese language learning and teaching. Our students will learn high levels of Chinese, as well as be provided with an excellent educational experience that will give them the edge in an increasingly competitive job market. To ensure that this program is successful our school will be receiving extensive additional support and resources from the Department over the coming years.

If you have any questions about this very exciting opportunity, please contact us.